House Bill 9 Introduced

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On March 1, 2022, House Bill 9 (HB9) was introduced in the Kentucky House of Representatives. KASS strongly opposes this short-sighted and misguided bill, and as it is currently written would harm our schools and communities. If signed into law, House Bill 9 would:

  • Allow companies outside of Kentucky to dictate their own educational philosophy on our schools without any accountability or transparency.
  • Let those same companies get rich off students and our tax dollars – owning buildings, technology and additional assets paid for by Kentucky taxpayers.
  • Unravel Kentucky’s unique athletic landscape, creating winners and losers and leading to ‘superpowers’ that would completely destroy the much beloved Kentucky Basketball Sweet 16 tournament – not to mention the spirit of competition in every sport.

Visit the Kids First Kentucky’s “How We Can Help” page to access social media posts, talking points, as well as email and phone scripts to help us defeat House Bill 9.

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