This holiday season, lawmakers need to prioritize the gift of ensuring Kentucky kids and teacher can be at their best

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Kentucky Association of School Superintendents announces 2024 legislative priorities

It’s the time of year when we gather with those we love to celebrate the holiday season. We’ll fill our plates with the foods we grew up with and conversations often will turn to fond memories of yesteryear. Adults will give a glance or two at the “kids table” remembering when they sat there.

When you make your New Year’s resolutions, make one more. Promise now to reach out to your legislator on behalf of Kentucky’s children, teachers and school staff. Your voice matters.

Together, we can make a difference. Join the Kentucky Association of School Superintendents as we urge lawmakers to help us to shape a prosperous Kentucky built on an accountability system that is meaningful and useful to all learners. We ask you to support legislation that centers on these priorities:

Focus on Kentucky Public Education Funding

Kentucky public schools remain chronically underfunded. From student transportation to school safety needs, lawmakers need to make sure that Kentucky students, teachers and staff can be at their best in and outside the classroom. To that effect, the Kentucky Association of School Superintendents is calling on the 2024 Kentucky General Assembly to:

    1. Improve SEEK Funding – the current formula is below the 2008 level (indexed for inflation).
    2. Fully fund student transportation and full-day kindergarten -transportation funding remains below the 2008 level (indexed for inflation).
    3. Guarantee schools have the resources to hire state-mandated student resource officers and mental health professionals.

    Recruit & Retain High-Quality Teachers & Staff to Combat a Teacher Crisis

    Kentucky public schools are facing a teaching and staffing crisis. Across the Commonwealth, people are exiting the teaching profession or choosing to forgo a career in public education all together. Kentucky needs to:

      1. Institute competitive pay standards for Kentucky teachers and support staff.
      2. Increase professional development opportunities and “learn to earn” apprenticeship pathways for current and aspiring educators.
      3. Identify the education career pathway as a high demand work sector.

      Unleash Lifelong Learning

      The future is now. Growing the economy is dependent on ensuring generations of Kentucky kids develop into the next generation of leaders. To make it happen, Kentucky elected officials should:

      1. Create more opportunities for innovative programs and more choice options in public schools. 
      2. Tailor education needs around every child in every county across the Commonwealth so that they are ready to succeed at school, home and in the workplace.
      3. Provide more flexible certification options to empower educators to better meet the needs of their students, especially in science and math.

      These priorities reflect what our educators and school staff should expect and the very least Kentucky children deserve.

      The Kentucky legislature will begin its 2024 session on Tuesday, January 2 and will meet for 60 days. During that time, we’ll be calling on our state lawmakers to put the children of the Commonwealth first and encourage you to do the same. To learn more, visit

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