Building on 2022 Momentum | The Work Continues

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Last year, Kentucky lawmakers took a much needed and important step toward addressing longstanding funding deficiencies and unfunded mandates in Kentucky’s public education system.

As part of its biennial budget in 2022, the General Assembly increased the SEEK per-pupil guaranteed base amount, rising from $4,000 to $4,100 this year and then to $4,200 next year.

As educators, administrators, employers and parents ourselves, we commend – and continue to appreciate – the move to direct long-overdue funds to our public schools. Those resources will help begin to offset the impacts of yearly inflation, pandemic-related needs and requirements, and the higher maintenance, fuel and construction costs that school districts across the Commonwealth are experiencing.

In short, it was a good first step. But it was one of many that must be taken to ensure Kentucky’s kids reach their full potential.

In the months and years ahead, we pledge to work with our legislative leaders to build on that momentum and gradually bring SEEK dollars to the inflationary equivalent of 2008 funding.  There is no investment more powerful or that pays greater dividends than educating our children.

To do that, we must get public education funding back on track. And we must put Kids First in Kentucky.

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